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It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Group Commercial Report February 2022 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Madhavan Raman  
TRC 13 
Chief Executive’s Report 
The Chief Executive, Shelley Katae spoke to the report. 

It was noted, Management is focusing on three key areas: organisational culture, delivery 
(strategy to implementation), and managing the context in which SLT operates in.  

Management executed an Employee Engagement Pulse Survey with the TRC/THA team, which 
provided important insights on workplace culture, confidence in decision-making and concern 
around workload. Management will provide an update to the Board on the results of this survey 
at the next board meeting.  

Chief Executive, Shelley Katae noted she would like to form a Development Sub-Committee 
with members of the Board, including Evan Davies and Kerry Hitchcock. This sub-committee will 
provide strategic overview of development projects. A memo will be circulated to the board for 

The Board asked Management whether it is confident TRC people are working on the right 
activities to achieve the supply of homes. Chief Executive, Shelley Katae confirmed 
Management is working through this currently and are leading a change process to realign the 
workforce to deliver priorities.  

The Board asked Management to provide an update on existing employee-based outcomes, so 
the distribution of roles before and after the delivery focus is clear, and to outline the spread of 
remuneration across the organisation that provides assurance around equity. The Board noted 
it would like to see this piece of work before it can approve requests in the FY23 budget.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Chief Executive’s Report 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Dr Susan Macken  
TRC 14 
Housing Insights Report November/December 2021 
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain spoke to the report. 

It was noted, 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Housing Insights Report November/December 2021 
CARRIED: Madhavan Raman / Kerry Hitchcock  
TRC 15 
TRC FY23 Priorities, Draft Statement of Service Performance and Budget  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 

It was noted, 


The Board asked Management about a TRC cultural change and how it would implement 
changes without losing some of the qualities celebrated in Tāmaki. Chief Executive, Shelley 
Katae confirmed a cultural change was needed across housing delivery and changes are 
required to ensure accountability and delivery, daily. She noted transparency, accountability, 
and driving a track record would be welcome by the teams.  

Community Advisor, Bill Takerei requested proactive communications with the community on 
any paused projects and why this is happening in a community setting.  

Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee noted 

Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee also noted 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  supports the direction of the proposed FY23 TRC priorities 
b)  approves the Draft FY23 SPE being provided to the Crown for review and feedback, including 
proposed new measures. 
c)  delegates to the Chief Executive the authority to approve non-material changes to the Draft 
FY23 SPE, based on feedback from Crown. 
d)  delegates to the Chair and Deputy Chair the authority to sign the Final FY23 SPE outside of a 
regular Board meeting. 
e)  approves the 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Madhavan Raman  
TRC 16 
Rehousing Options  
GM Tāmaki Housing Association LP, Neil Porteous spoke to the report.  

It was noted, until there is a 

The Board indicated their preference 

The Board asked for Management to be clear that cabins would only be acceptable as a 
temporary solution.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  indicates their support of buying missing teeth, as one of the options to facilitate rehousing in 
the immediate future. 
b)  requests Management to return with a budget line proposal for acquiring missing teeth to make 
the process more efficient.  
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Diana Puketapu  

TRC 17 
Construction Cost Benchmarks Updates  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Construction Costs Benchmarks Update report 
CARRIED: Kerry Hitchcock / Madhavan Raman 
TRC 18 
Concord Options  
The General Manager of Commercial and Development, Daniel Henderson spoke to the report. 

The Board queried who would 

The Board also queried the 

Management confirmed it has 

GM Commercial and Development, Daniel Henderson provided a status update of Concord, 
noting the 
Director Dr Susan Macken left the meeting at 12.47pm  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Requests Management to review costs based on current designs.  
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Diana Puketapu 
TRC 19 
Epping Evandale Options 
The General Manager of Commercial and Development, Daniel Henderson spoke to the report. 

It was noted, the options present a pragmatic choice between time and therefore delivery of 
houses, or halted projects to redesign and deliver a better result, but take longer to delivery 

The Board expressed their interest in options two and three, noting three is better on a 
programme basis. It reiterated, any option that slows down the delivery of housing is difficult to 
agree to.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Supports option 3, on a programme basis, to address the mismatch between the proposed 
typologies and the current demand for Epping/Evandale 
CARRIED: Madhavan Raman / Diana Puketapu 
TRC 20 
GM Connections and People Experience, Jada MacFie left the meeting 1.10pm 
Pirangi Approach  
The General Manager of Commercial and Development, Daniel Henderson spoke to the report. 

The Board expressed their 

It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Requests Management to return with 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Kerry Hitchcock 
TRC 21 
Vacant Site Strategy  
The General Manager of Commercial and Development, Daniel Henderson spoke to the report. 

The Board expressed their support, in principle, of the vacant site strategy. 

GM Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain requested permission from the Board to have 
an offline conversation with Board Chair Evan Davies and Director Kerry Hitchcock about Line 
Road and its costs.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  endorses the approach outlined within this discussion paper for the development of vacant sites 
to accelerate the delivery of larger homes based to meet TRC’s housing needs. 
CARRIED: Kerry Hitchcock / Madhavan Raman 
TRC 22 
Employee Health Insurance 
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 

It was noted, the $500 excess would apply to every claim, and that TRC is currently behind 
Kāinga Ora and other public sector organisations, regarding employee health insurance.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  approves the company entering a contract with Union medical benefits society limited to provide 
a group medical scheme to employees on the basis outlined below 
CARRIED: Diana Puketapu / Madhavan Raman  
Bill Takerei  
There being no further business the meeting concluded at 1.30pm. 
The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the TRC Board of Directors meeting on 9 May 2022. 
Evan Davies