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TRC 14 
Housing Insights Report November/December 2021 
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain spoke to the report. 

It was noted, Management will start to report transparently on development timelines, which 
has not been done before, and will look at each project individually to unlock the momentum. 

The Board acknowledged TRC has its fingers in too many pies and consequently is taking longer 
to complete key projects. As TRC is resource constraint, there is a need to re-look at priorities 
and how Management responds to vacant sites, current projects, and Kāinga Ora 
commitments. At a Management level, the Board commented on the need for a realistic and 
pragmatic goals map, indicating what TRC can do.  

The Board asked Chief Executive, Shelley Katae to return to the Board with a priorities paper, 
commenting on how Management will achieve its priority programmes.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Housing Insights Report November/December 2021 
CARRIED: Kerry Hitchcock / Diana Puketapu  
Craig Haycock entered the meeting at 12.14pm 
TRC 15 
Acquisitions of Missing Teeth 
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain, spoke to the report. 

The Board queried whether the acquisition of these properties advance TRC’s priorities, as 
previously outlined, and if there’s additional work required on the properties to make them 
tenant ready. 

The Board noted their preparedness to support the acquisitions if the properties will add 
opportunity to the development programme and provide TRC with housing stock to relocate 
whānau in the short-term. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  supports the acquisition of missing teeth properties, 
CARRIED: Dr Susan Macken / Evan Davies 
TRC 16 
260 Apirana Ave – Implementation Strategy  
The Chief Executive, Shelley Katae spoke to the report. 

Chief Executive, Shelley Katae noted the two immediate focus areas: 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the 260 Apirana Ave – Implementation Strategy Report 
b)  approves the targeted outcomes 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Kerry Hitchcock 

TRC 17 
Transitional Housing – Key Learnings Summary  
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain spoke to the report. 

The Board suggested using the transitional housing phase two sites for long-term public 
housing and asked Management to return with a paper, outlining what phase two of the 
Transitional Housing programme looks like. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Transitional Housing – Key Learnings Summary Report, and requests Management 
to return with a paper outlining options for phase two of the Transitional Housing programme 
and use of the vacant sites to increase the supply of homes. 

CARRIED: Diana Puketapu / Madhavan Raman 
TRC Strategy Manager, Kris Lal joined the meeting at 1.06pm  
TRC 18 
Build-to-Rent Financial and Management Business Case  
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain, and Strategy Manager Kris Lal 
spoke to the report. 

The Board encouraged Management to 

The Board reiterated the Build-to-Rent programme should be one of TRC’s priorities. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  approves to proceed to the next stage of the business case and requests for the final case to be 
circulated to the Board, via email.  
CARRIED: Dr Susan Macken / Evan Davies 
TRC Strategy Manager Kris Lal left the meeting at 1.40pm  
TRC 19 
Affordable Housing Framework Refresh  
Acting GM Social Transformations, John Chapman spoke to the report. 

The Board noted the gap 

Acting GM Social Transformations, John Chapman commented on the Site A consultation TRC 
carried out with local whānau, which provided insights on the use of shared amenities. From a 
tikanga perspective, there are certain desirables with shared amenities and what is appropriate 
for whānau.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  requests Management to return to the Board with a Concord business-to-business option paper, 
outlining how this will be implemented in a way that builds faster in partnership with Ngāti 


CARRIED: Evan Davies / Diana Puketapu  
TRC 20 
Employee Health Insurance  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report.  

The Board asked Management to consider how it could deliver equity to employees, when 
some already have insurance, and provide more thinking on co-pays before specific quotes are 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 

Supports the idea of an insurance programme that includes employee whānau, and requests 
Management to return to the April board meeting with a detailed proposal, that tests equity 
issues, and outlines how Management will make the programme work in the most appropriate 
way possible. 
CARRIED: Dr Susan Macken / Madhavan Raman  
TRC 21 
Asset Manager, Tracy Massam joined the meeting 12.12pm.  
Board Chair, Evan Davies left the meeting at 12.12pm 
Asset Management Operational Update  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  receives the Asset Management Operational Update  
CARRIED: Dr Susan Macken / Madhavan Raman 
Neil Porteous  
There being no further business the meeting concluded at 2.14pm. 
The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the TRC Board of Directors meeting on 4 April 2022. 
Evan Davies