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The Board received the Group Commercial Report March 2022 
TRC 12.1 
Power of Attorney for the General Manager Development and Commercial 
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Requests an updated paper from Management with greater clarification on paragraph 3 and 4, 
which will then be presented to the Audit and Risk Committee, ahead of board approval 
CARRIED: Evan Davies / Dr Susan Macken 
TRC 13 
Chief Executive’s Report 
The Chief Executive, Shelley Katae spoke to the report. 

Two important financial successes were noted: 

The Board noted its 

Management confirmed it will return to the Board with several options 
The Board received the Chief Executive’s Report 
TRC 14 
Housing Insights Report  
The General Manager of Strategy and Masterplanning, Joanna Brain spoke to the report. 

It was noted, there is an 

Chief Executive Shelley Katae confirmed she will 

GM Outcomes and Community Development noted two businesses 

TRC 18 
Armein Costs  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 

It was confirmed, 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Requests Management to seek 
CARRIED: Madhavan Raman / Dr Susan Macken  
TRC 19 
Environment Strategy  
GM Connections and People Experience, Jada MacFie spoke to the report. 

It was noted, the Environment Strategy is 

The Board asked Management to consider voluntary reporting in the Annual Report on 
information gathered from the strategy in practice.  
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  approves the Draft TRC Environment Strategy 
CARRIED: Diana Puketapu / Dr Susan Macken  
TRC 20 
Employee Engagement Survey Update  
GM Connections and People Experience, Jada MacFie spoke to the report. 
The Board received the Employee Engagement Survey Update 
TRC 21 
People and Remuneration  
The Chief Financial Officer, Paul McElwee spoke to the report. 

The Board asked Management to present a paper to the Audit and Risk Committee with greater 
analysis on tier of roles, ethnicity, and gender across the organisation to ensure there is 
horizontal and vertical equity.  
Director Diana Puketapu left at 2.07pm 

The Board also sought clarification of the accountabilities of each functioning team i.e., Mahi 
Tahi versus Commercial and Development versus Strategy and Masterplanning. Management 
agreed to circulate via email what these accountabilities were for each team and function. 
It was resolved that the TRC Board: 
a)  Asks Management to prepare an updated People and Remuneration paper for the Audit and 
Risk Committee to review, which has a greater analysis on the equity of tier of roles, ethnicity 
and gender across the organisation.
CARRIED: Dr Susan Macken / Evan Davies 
Bill Takerei  

There being no further business the meeting concluded at 2.14pm. 
The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the TRC Board of Directors meeting on 29 June 2022. 
Evan Davies