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Purpose of Public Transport Agreement and objectives of the parties 
The purpose of the Public Transport Agreement is to: 
a.  set out an agreed co-ordination process for the planning, design and construction of the New 
Interchange, Public Transport Road Improvements, Public Transport Road Dependencies, 
Redevelopment and associated works in a timely and cost efficient manner; 
b.  allocate responsibilities associated with the various components of the New Interchange, 
Public Transport Road Improvements, Public Transport Road Dependencies, Redevelopment 
and associated works; 
c.  allocate costs associated with the various components of the New Interchange, Public 
Transport Road Improvements, Public Transport Road Dependencies, Redevelopment and 
associated works; 
d.  identify a high level programme and milestones for the implementation of the various 
components of the New Interchange, Public Transport Road Improvements, Public Transport 
Road Dependencies, Redevelopment and associated works. 
The primary objectives of the parties in regard to the Public Transport Agreement are: 
a.  The primary objective of GWRC is to have passenger transport services maintained 
throughout the Redevelopment and achieve long term provision of a Johnsonville bus/rail 
interchange together with retention of commuter parking and passenger transport roading 
improvements and to maintain operational flexibility into the future. 
b.  The primary objective of the Council is to deliver the outcomes of the Johnsonville Town 
Centre plan, including maximising use of public transport, a high quality interchange, 
ensuring future options are not precluded and ensuring developments are integrated and in 
particular a high quality interface between the interchange and the Mall designed in 
accordance with Council’s urban design principles, as provided for in the Land Exchange 
c.  The primary objective of ONTRACK is to ensure that the commuter interface between bus, 
rail and Mall is enhanced and the railway is double tracked concurrent with the 
Redevelopment at Johnsonville to maximise the potential railway services available on the 
Johnsonville railway line. 
d.  The primary objective of Toll is to provide an upgraded rail service targeting a 10 minute 
service frequency with up to 6 car trains to a station at Johnsonville that provides full shelter 
for passengers, commuter car parking and direct access to the redeveloped mall.  
e.  The primary objective of Mana is to provide increased urban bus services to accommodate 
planned growth in the Churton Park, Woodlands and Grenada areas over the next 10 years, 
WGN_DOCS #529709 

Attachment 1 to Report PE 08.275 
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o  space for [8] buses at the New Interchange; 
o  safe and comfortable waiting and boarding facilities for passengers; and 
o  to operate in both directions around Johnsonville triangle 
f.  The primary objective of Dominion Funds Ltd is to develop for long term ownership a high 
quality regional shopping centre on the Dominion Funds Ltd Land, including an efficient 
interface with the relocated public transport interchange on Moorefield Road. 
WGN_DOCS #529709