This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'List of briefings received as Minister of Defence'.

Appendix B – Defence 
8/01/2021  Updated Op Burnham Cabinet Papers 
15/01/2021  Brief for Minister of Defence call on Vanuatu Minister of Interior Affairs 
18/01/2021  Title withheld in accordance with section 9(2)(f)(iv) of the Act 
18/01/2021  RFI – List of upcoming Cabinet Papers, major announcements, events and policy 
21/01/2021  Talking Points – Defence Housing and Barrack Accommodation Rates 
21/01/2021  Briefing for Meeting with Australian High Commissioner 
22/01/2021  Title withheld in accordance with section 9(2)(f)(iv) of the OIA 
22/01/2021  Defence Weekly Report (week commencing 18 January 2021) 
26/01/2021  2021 Legislation Programme and potential legislative work 
26/01/2021  Title withheld in accordance with section 9(2)(f)(iv) of the OIA 
27/01/2021  The impact of January events in the USA on Digital Safety in NZ 
28/01/2021  NZDF Support to Ministry of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Planning 
28/01/2021  Title withheld in accordance with section 9(2)(f)(iv) of the OIA 
29/01/2021  Defence Weekly Report – week commencing 25 January 2021