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Kia ora Bridget


Do let me know if there is anything that UEC need to assist with here?


Nga mihi



From: Anamika Harirajh - President at AUSA <[email address]>
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2021 4:48 PM
To: Bridget Kool <[email address]>
Cc: Alan Shaker <[email address]>; Dawn Freshwater <[email address]>; Valerie Linton <[email address]>
Subject: AUSA Memorandum - UOA Covid response


Kia ora Bridget, 


I want to begin by thanking you for all of the work you put into responding to the concerns and suggestions from our initial email, we sincerely appreciate all of your mahi. 


Since the University released its statement earlier this week, we have once again been inundated with feedback and concerns from students about the University's response. The vast majority of the feedback has not been positive, students are still facing barriers as a result of the recent lockdown and have had to make many sacrifices in order to maintain a high academic performance, despite the disruptions.  


When we spoke over the phone earlier in the week, I was made aware that you haven't see a lot of the student sentiment from online platforms which we have also used to inform our discussions and negations with the University. Considering this, we have put together a folder containing online content, directly from University of Auckland students, which illustrates the general sentiment of the student body. Some of the content may be distressing or upsetting so we do apologise in advance for that; however, we hope that it encompasses just how severe the impacts of this lockdown has been on our students, and that it will help to inform your decisions going forward. 


You can access this here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uTCDgVeb2tGFBKRnKBn2XpRTQGmU7x19?usp=sharing 


With the feedback we have received, in addition to the feedback we were able to gather during our most recent Student Council meeting, AUSA has created a memorandum which outlines what we will continue to advocate for both publicly and internally, and we are strongly urging you to consider our suggestions moving forward. 


Alan and I would love the opportunity to meet with you next week to discuss this and are happy to work around your schedule, we look forward to hearing from you soon. 



Ngā mihi, 




Anamika Harirajh, President


[email address] |  0212397906 


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Auckland University Students' Association 

Te Roopu Tauira O Te Whare Waananga O Tamaki Makaurau



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