This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Copies of Submission Request'.

26 August 2021 
Mr Roger Bray 
By email: [FYI request #16244 email] 
Dear Roger  
Official Information Request – Copies of Submission Request 
1.  We refer to your official information request dated 29 July 2021 for information in 
respect of the submissions received by the Management Agency during the July 2021 
consultation in respect of the review of the Biosecurity (American Foulbrood Pest 
Management Plan) Order 1998 (“the Plan Order”).  
2.  Due to the substantial amount of work that would be required to research and collate 
the information you have requested, we are refusing your request under section 18(f) 
of the Of icial Information Act 1982 (“the OIA”).   
Reasons for Difficulties in Fulfil ing your Request   
3.  We set out for your information below why your current request wil  be dif icult to meet. 
  4.  The information you have requested is not easily accessible as we would need to 
extract each of the 415 submissions received from the SurveyMonkey platform and 
further 20 submissions.  
5.  The information you have requested is dif icult to collate as we would need to identify 
and review each and every one of the 435 submissions received and redact the 
information recorded below to protect respondents’ privacy. The submissions 
contained beekeepers’ personal details, including, but not limited to, their names, 
physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. After this extensive 
exercise, the submissions would need to be collated and provided to you in an 
accessible format (which would require additional work to be carried out). By way of 
example, we would need to go through all of the submissions one by one and 
manually redact them to address the abovementioned privacy concerns. 
6.  We have calculated that it wil  take approximately 40 hours to process your request. 
Unfortunately, I am the only person trained to assess and respond to requests for 
official information. Due to my existing workload, it would not be practicable for me to 
fulfil your above-mentioned request (as it is currently drafted) as this would have a 
detrimental impact on my ability to ensure the Management Agency can meet its 
statutory obligations pursuant to the Plan Order, which are instrumental in the 
elimination of American Foulbrood Disease in New Zealand.  

7.  If  we  were  to comply with your request, this would likely result in the following 
a.  Failure to report to the Minister for Biosecurity (as required by the Biosecurity 
Act 1993);  
b.  Failure  by me to lead  Agency  staff and contractors  leading to the loss of 
efficiency and effectiveness in the use of levy payer funds; and 
c.  Failure to present a fully consulted proposal in respect of the Plan Order to the 
Minister for Biosecurity prior to its expiry on 1 April 2023. 
Section 18A of the OIA 
  8.  Pursuant to section 18A of the OIA, we are required to consider whether fixing a 
charge or extended the time limit would enable us to grant your request for 
information. Unfortunately, for the reasons recorded above, we do not consider that 
either charging you a fee nor extending the time limit would allow us to meet your 
Our consultation with you 
  9.  We have also consulted with you in respect of your request, as required by section 
18B of the OIA. 
Our Letter to you dated 16 August 2021 
10. In our letter to you dated 16 August 2021, we advised you that your request as it was 
framed would be dif icult to meet without substantial collation or research,  and we 
invited you to amend your request.  
Your Feedback  
11. In your email to us dated 19 August 2021, you advised us that you did not see the 
need to alter your request in any way. In your feedback, you recorded that you 
expected that the Management Agency used  a “pro” version of the SurveyMonkey 
platform that would allow us to provide you with copies of all of the abovementioned 
submissions without disclosing the identity of the submit er.  
Our Response to your Feedback 
12. The Management Agency is subscribed to the “Team Advantage  Plan” from 
SurveyMonkey (“the Subscription”). Unfortunately, the Subscription does not allow 
us to provide you with copies of the submissions without identifying the identity or 
personal details of the submit er. We acknowledge that the Subscription allows us to 
extract of all of the submissions into an Excel spreadsheet, however the layout of this 
spreadsheet would require significant formatting to be undertaken. By way of example, 
we would need to manually adjust the width of every single row and column to ensure 
that all of the text is visible to you. We calculate that there would be approximately 
2,490 individual cells of data that would need to be manually reviewed by me.  

13. Moreover, Excel does not have a “redact” function, so we would need to manually 
delete individual “pieces of data” relating to submit ers’ private information. As you wil  
appreciate, we would need to exercise extreme care when carrying out this exercise 
to ensure that no private information is disclosed. Excel is an excellent platform for 
displaying large quantities of numerical information; but unfortunately, it does not have 
the capability to effectively display large quantities of text.         
Time to Collate Information  
14. In total, we estimate that it would take me 60 to 80 hours to undertake the 
abovementioned exercise in Excel. For the reasons recorded at paragraphs 6 to 7 
above, this would adversely affect the Management Agency’s operations and would 
not be practicable in the circumstances. 
15. In summary, our consultation with you has not resolved the dif iculty in collating your 
Meeting Request in Alternative Way 
16. While we cannot meet your exact request, the Management Agency wil  shortly be 
undertaking a review of the abovementioned submissions, and a report wil  be 
produced when the review has been completed. We anticipate that this report wil  be 
published in October 2021. This report wil  include a summary of all of the submissions 
received and wil  be publicly released for your perusal and review. We wil  endeavour 
to provide this report to you as soon as it is available. 
Ombudsman Complaint 
17. You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of this 
decision. Information about how to make a complaint is available at or freephone 0800 802 602.  
18. If you wish to discuss this decision with us, please feel free to contact me. Furthermore, 
I am available to provide further assistance should you be wil ing to change or refine 
your request.               
Yours Sincerely 
Clifton King  
National Compliance Manager