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21 September 2021 
LGOIMA No. 8140009165 
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William Foster 
By Email: [FYI request #14913 email]  
Dear William  
Local Government Official Information And Meetings Act 1987 
Residual waste disposal to landfil  
I refer to your request which we received on 24 August 2021, regarding residual waste 
disposal to landfil . 
In response to your request, I consulted with the council’s Waste Solutions department to 
provide relevant information. Our response to your questions is as fol ows: 
Please advise how much AC has spent annually for disposal of residual waste-to-
landfill annually since 2014 at Redvale and at other landfills separately 
I refer to my email to you on 1 September 2021, seeking clarification of the type of council 
waste disposal service that you are referring to in this question. i.e., to council refuse, 
inorganic, il egal dumping and refuse transfer station waste. You replied on 1 September and 
5 September and confirmed as below:  
“I would be pleased to receive the annual costs for AC's disposal of all kinds of waste to 
landfil  at each of the different landfil s used, as per my request. If this is further separated 
out by categories of waste, as you indicate, because the data is collected this way, that 
would be helpful. 
My original request is for the annual costs (what AC pays to the operator, either directly or 
through contractors used to transport waste to landfil ) since 2014 for disposal of any and all 
types of waste at each of the landfil s it uses (used).  I was requesting the costs of actually 
using/accessing the landfil  for disposal, not including the col ection or other processing or 
transport costs of getting waste to the landfil , although e.g. (hypothetical since I don't know) 
if AC has contracts for transport and disposal which do not separate out the landfil  use cost 
component I would not expect those to be separated out but just explained.  
If the information is disaggregated or held separately by the type of waste service which 
disposes of waste at a landfil  i.e. to Council Refuse, Inorganic, Illegal Dumping and Refuse 
Transfer Station waste, that would be helpful thank you.” 
Please see Table 1 for how much Auckland Council has spent annually on disposal of waste 
in total to Redvale, Whitford and Hampton Downs landfil s for the last six financial years. The 
amounts are based on all purchase order expenditure during the period for suppliers Waste 
Management (Redvale Landfil  operator), Envirowaste (Hampton Downs Landfil ) & Waste 
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Disposal Services (Whitford Landfil ). This includes expenditure on waste disposed at 
transfer stations operated by the supplier.  
Table 1: 
Redvale & Waste Management 
Transfer Stations 
Whitford Landfil  
Envirowaste Landfil  & Transfer 
Total disposal costs Waste 
Solutions department 
Redvale & Waste Management 
Transfer Stations 
Whitford Landfil  
Envirowaste Landfil  & Transfer 
Total disposal costs Waste 
Solutions department 
The 2013/2014 & 2014/2015 financial years are provided as a total disposal cost in Table 2, 
as a different method of financial reporting was used which did not collect this data 
separately for each landfil . 
Table 2: 
2013/2014  2014/2015 
Total disposal costs Waste Solutions department 
15,484,501  15,042,674 
The numbers are only for the Waste Solutions department in council. There could be other 
departments in council that use landfil s, however the Waste Solutions department has the 
bulk of disposals. Numbers do not include Great Barrier Island Claris landfil .                       
Please advise AC’s policy for awarding contracts for residual waste disposal to 
landfill, including criteria for selection; and whether the contract includes transport to 
landfill or if that is a separate contract or contracts. 
The previous procurement of landfil  disposal contracts were based on the following 
weighted attributes: 
•  Relevant Experience 5% 
•  Resources 10% 
•  Methodology 7.5% 
•  Sustainability 2.5% 
•  Management and technical skil  5% 
•  Price 70% 
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As the current landfil  disposal contracts do not expire until 2024, the procurement plan for 
the next contracts have not been written.  
It is anticipated that the transportation to landfil  wil  be a separate contract to the disposal 
Decisions about this response to your request were made by Parul Sood, General Manager 
Waste Solutions. 
Should you believe Auckland Council has not responded appropriately to your request you 
have the right to seek a review of the decision from the Ombudsman. 
If you have any further queries please contact me on 09 301 0101, quoting LGOIMA No. 
Yours sincerely 
Jenny Hua 
Senior Privacy & Official Information Business Partner 
Governance Services 
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