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24 August 2021 
LGOIMA No. 8140008936 
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William Foster 
By Email: [FYI request #14913 email]  
Dear William   
Local Government Official Information And Meetings Act 1987 
Information on landfil  sites 
I refer to your follow up request which we received on 31 July 2021, regarding information on 
landfil  sites. I also refer to my colleague Amanda Pil ay’s email to you on 2 August 2021, 
acknowledging and seeking refinement for your request. You replied on the same day and 
refined the scope of this request to questions 1, 6, 7 and 9.  
In response to your request, I liaised with the council’s Resource Consents and Waste 
Solutions departments to provide relevant information. Our response to your questions is as 
1.  When did Auckland Council, [including any of its subsidiaries and controlled 
companies] (AC) first become aware of the intention, or proposals, or Waste 
Management NZ (WMNZ) to establish a new regional landfill at Wayby Valley (the 
Council became informal y aware of a possible new landfil  via a media query from 
‘Mahurangi Matters’ in September 2018. The Resource Consent Department became 
formally aware of the Waste Management NZ’s intention to apply for resource consent 
for a landfil  at Dome Valley in November 2018. A formal pre-application request was 
lodged on 22 November 2018, after which discussions commenced with the Resource 
Consent Department. 
6.  Please provide non-commercial details of any contracts between AC and WMNZ 

for disposal of waste at Redvale or elsewhere, including initiation, renewal and 
expiry dates and similar details for any other contracts AC has with alternative 
landfill managers for waste disposal. 
Start of contract 
End of contract 
No extension 
1 December 2014 
30 November 
specified in 
2041- which is 
when the resource 
1 December 1993 
consent is 
expected to 
Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142  |  |  Ph 09 301 0101 

Start of contract 
End of contract 
Aotea (Great 
Barrier Island) 
1 July 2019 
30 June 2022 
Possible 6 months 
No extension 
Hampton Downs 
1 July 2015
30 June 202

specified in 
7.  Does AC have any preliminary understanding or agreement (formal or informal) 

with WMNZ for the disposal of waste to the new regional landfill if the Proposal is 
finally approved? 
There are no formal or informal agreements between Auckland Council and WMNZ for 
disposal at the new regional landfil . 
9.  Please advise AC’s current plans and intentions regarding the disposal of residual 
waste to landfill once the consent at Redvale expires in 2028, including which 
alternative landfill sites have been considered, if the Proposal is not approved. 
Before the expiry of the Redvale landfil  contract (30 November 2024), Auckland Council 
wil  go to market for waste disposal services. It is not known at this point which landfil  
operators wil  tender for this contract. 
Decisions about this response to your request were made by Ian Smallburn, General 
Manager Resource Consents and Parul Sood, General Manager Waste Solutions. 
We trust this information satisfies the refined request. In terms of other questions of your 
original request, please feel free to submit another request at any time and we wil  process it 
as a new request. 
Should you believe Auckland Council has not responded appropriately to your request you 
have the right to seek a review of the decision from the Ombudsman. 
If you have any further queries please contact me on 09 301 0101, quoting LGOIMA No. 
Yours sincerely 
Jenny Hua 
Senior Privacy & Official Information Business Partner 
Governance Services 
Private Bag 92300, Auckland 1142  |  |  Ph 09 301 0101