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16 September 2020  
Amy Ferguson 
[FYI request #13272 email]  
Tēnā koe Ms Ferguson  
Thank you for your email of 10 July 2020, requesting information about 
mealtimes in remand units in New Zealand prisons. Your request has been 
considered under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). 
You requested the following information: 
For each of the remand units, I'd like to know at what times of 
day/afternoon/evening the prisoners are served breakfast, lunch and 

Corrections is committed to providing meals that meet the Ministry of Health, 
Food and Nutrition Guidelines for people in our prisons. We provide all 
individuals in prison with at least three meals per day, one of which is hot, that 
contain all daily nutritional requirements. All meals are prepared in accordance 
with food safety standards.  
Mealtimes are scheduled during prison unlock hours. Each prison determines 
specific unlock hours based on the operational routines of the units. Remand 
units generally run to a standard 08:00 to 17:00 unlock regime with an hour-long 
lockup around midday to allow for staff lunch breaks. Consequently, the 
following approximate mealtimes are within normal range; breakfast between 
08:15 and 09:00, lunch between 11:00 and 12:00, dinner between 16:00 and 
17:00. Food for supper can also be provided with the evening meal so people 
have food between dinner and breakfast. If supper has not been provided with 
dinner, people are provided with breakfast no more than 14 hours from the 
previous evening meal. Where operational needs dictate, some units may 
operate different mealtimes to those outlined above. 
Each prison is required to follow Corrections’ policy on minimum entitlements 
which addresses meal requirements. This policy includes four-week national 
menu templates and can be found in the Prison Operations Manual at the 
following link:

There are 18 prisons across New Zealand and many house people on remand. 
Every prison will likely have different scheduled mealtimes across units. In order 
to identify this type of specific information for each unit holding remand 
prisoners, we would be required to manually review a large quantity of 
In accordance with the OIA, we have considered whether to affix a charge or 
extend the time limit for responding. However, given the scale of the request we 
do not consider that this would be an appropriate use of our publicly funded 
resources. Therefore, your request is declined under section 18(f) of the OIA, as 
the information cannot be made available without substantial collation or 
However, you may be interested to know that Corrections is currently working to 
normalise mealtimes through the ‘Making Shifts Work’ project. The project is 
being progressively rolled out across New Zealand’s prisons and is designed to 
deliver flexible roster patterns that provide safer and better working conditions 
for corrections officers, create more opportunities for increased rehabilitation, 
and structured activity for prisoners.  
Traditional shift patterns pose constraints on unlock hours, including mealtimes. 
Making Shifts Work has included input from Corrections staff and union 
representatives. It will deliver new 12, 10, and 8-hour shifts for all custodial staff, 
replacing current fixed 8-hour shifts.  Staff will work fewer shifts and gain extra 
days off per year, which along with mealtimes will see an immediate 
improvement in medication and visiting times.  
Making Shifts Work was implemented at the first site, Manawatu Prison, in July 
2020 and is expected to be implemented across all prisons over the next 12 
I trust the information provided is of assistance. Should you have any concerns 
with this response, I would encourage you to raise these with the Corrections. 
Alternatively, you are advised of your right to raise any concerns with the Office 
of the Ombudsman. Contact details are: Office of the Ombudsman, PO Box 
10152, Wellington 6143. 
Ngā mihi nui 
Richard Waggott 
Deputy Chief Executive 
People & Capability