No worries, Duayne has been keeping an eye on Claire and Sam plus all the relevant details were entered in mango. I'll check the media release in the break

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Can you just make sure that you’re ok with the media release below. My changes are in red. I’ll sent the original as well so you can see the changes.


The other thing is that I’ve only just become aware that Claire and Scott are suffering after affects of the fireworks incident the other night. We’re going to have an informal debrief next week, so those guys can talk about it more than anything, but also to see if anything could have been done differently. We’ve also suggested OCP for them.

As well I’ve asked Sam to be a lot clearer when reporting something to me about what has occurred, when it occurred and who has been involved. This last because he only mentioned himself and the Go Bus guys being involved so I didn’t have an appreciation of the impact it might have had on Claire or Scott. I’ve also asked that he draft up a summary of an incident like that the morning after so that it’s clear what occurred. He’s good with all that. Think also we might turn this into an SOP as we have with all other recent incidents.

One other thing that would be useful is that if you are communicating with the bus companies to thank them that you copy me in so that I’m in the loop. Is that possible? It’s a bit like the Shannon thing the other day and not knowing how you responded to the Selwyn fare email. Just means we’re both on the same page and knowing what’s been said.








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Fine. Can you check it off with Wayne or shall I?

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How about this?





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Took this from your original response to the first guy.

What do you think?





Environment Canterbury are aware of the findings of the researchers in Holland as well as James Turner here in New Zealand and as a result have several mitigation strategies in place. The primary strategy is to transition to the Mifare 4K DESfire card which has a greater level of security. INIT, our ticketing system provider, has developed the software to allow our on-bus devices to read and write to the new 4K DESfire cards and this is currently undergoing Factory Acceptance Test before deployment. This is not a new strategy and has been planned for some time. The rollout of the new 4K DESfire card in Canterbury is expected to be prior to the end of June 2014.


At present we are able to identify illegal transactions through routine analysis of the many ticketing system reports which we have available. Once these transactions are identified, we can then render the card un-useable the offending card by placing it on a permanent hotlist.


We have had some on-going dialogue with James Turner and it is unfortunate that he has chosen to present his findings publicly before we have had the chance to make the transition to the newer type cards. Like most organisations around the world our systems are vulnerable to hacking at any time. Hacking is an illegal activity and prosecutable under the Crimes Act in New Zealand.





Wayne Holton Jeffreys

Director of Operations

Environment Canterbury




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