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Environment Canterbury has been in regular communication with William Turner about the issue of the security of Metrocards.

Most organisations around the world are vulnerable to hacking and  Environment Canterbury is no exception.


However, we are aware of the findings of the researchers in Holland and have several mitigation strategies in place. The primary strategy is to transition to the Mifare 4K DESfire card which has a greater level of security. Our ticketing system provider has developed the software to allow our on-bus devices to read and write to the 4K DESfire cards and this is currently undergoing Factory Acceptance Test before deployment with another city.


We are also able to identify illegal transactions through routine analysis of the ticketing system reports which we have available. Once these transactions are identified, we can then hotlist the offending card.


It is unfortunate that William Turner has presented his findings publicly before we have had the chance to make the transition to the newer, safer cards.


Wayne Holton Jeffreys

Director of Operations

Environment Canterbury



Kristi Gray
Senior Communications Advisor Air & Transport
027 549 7730