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A copy of the report is attached.


HDC has been removed from the Bill and it now only applies the Whangamata Harbour in TCDC.


As expected the Bill now contains references to the RMA and RMA processes and the Committee to be established by TCDC to prepare the Plan now includes DoC, WRC, science/ecological appointment and Iwi.


The plan must go the Minister of Local Government for approval or otherwise and the Minister must consult with the Minister of Conservation.


The report is easy to read and I will report on it in the Monthly report in November.


I think this will leave TCDC in a position where it will have to evaluate the costs, including consultation costs, associated with the preparing such a plan.


I am sure the community, as it has done in the past, will continue to find unofficial ways of dealing with this!


Mark Buttimore
Kaiwhakahaere Whakakatanga Whakamahere Rautaki
Strategic Planning Projects Manager

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