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Winston Gee (AT)
Claire Covacich (AT)
Cameron Johnson (AT)
RE: Feedback requested due 17 January: Church and Victoria St, Onehunga - Intersection Upgrade
Monday, 11 March 2019 14:00:50
Hi Claire,
Thanks for the feedback to this. Since our meeting regarding the design, there have been some
fundamental design changes from both  Chris Beasley and Richard Batty for raised intersections. 
We will however take into account the feedback you’ve provided – particularly in tightening up
the lanes where possible.  One of the challenges currently is that the site is identified as a HPMV
route and the TDM describes a check vehicle of 17.9 semi, based on the road classification for
the southern approach.
Despite the above, we will maintain to have a raised intersection regardless to ensure slower
speeds for all road users and thus improve safety for all road users.
In addition to the above, we will confirm that zebra crossings to be moved closer and updated
road makring and signage to be included.
Kind regards
Winston Gee | Senior Transportation
Network Management
Level 2, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue
Auckland 1010
DDI 09 447 4206 | M 021 718906 | [email address]
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Sent: Wednesday, 16 January 2019 9:24 a.m.
To: Mark Stripp (AT) <[email address]>
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Subject: RE: Feedback requested due 17 January: Church and Victoria St, Onehunga -
Intersection Upgrade [MIP1718-419]
Hi Mark

Thanks for the early opportunity to comment on this design.  We are supportive of the
roundabout as a measure to manage traffic movements at this intersection and of improved
provision for pedestrians.
From an initial review, there appeared to be opportunities to refine the design so the Draughting
Team (who have the CAD and vehicle tracking skills) have had a quick look and come up with a
design that functions for all tracking requirements, uses less space, would be lower cost and has
better outcomes for safety and for vulnerable road user amenity.
·         Swedish tables would provide an acceptable outcome and in combination with the
ramps moving further into the intersection, encourage lower speeds at the intersection
A wider (bus friendly) collar but a smaller central (still mountable) roundabout would
provide better deflection for lower speed for most vehicle but still the flexibility for
larger vehicles to turn.
·         Tighter kerbs would improve turning radii for lower speed turning – an important
outcome for pedestrian safety at the zebras on the roundabout exits
·         Bringing forward pedestrian crossings into the intersection would improve intervisibility
between drivers and pedestrians and in combination with bringing the approach ramps
forward, would improve zebra safety with lower vehicle speeds.  While this reduces the
vehicle stacking space back into the roundabout, the roundabout collar is still
mountable, so a car can get past at low speed.
·         Tighter kerbs would Improve pedestrian desire-line alignment.
·         All the lane widths at entries to the roundabout should be tightened up.  This would
improve the immediate roundabout entry speed (and ability to give way to peds on the
zebras at exits) and will also clarify roadspace for people on bikes. 
·         Narrower lanes would require cyclists to claim the lane, rather than having the
dangerous situation that a ~4m lane creates where vehicle and cyclists use the lane
·         Narrower vehicle lanes would also allow width to provide a standard splitter island on
the northern splitter arm.
·         There are also some details that will need to be considered at detailed design:
-         Check signage location to ensure it doesn’t block intervisibility of pedestrians.
Consider opportunities for signage to be consolidated on fewer posts
-         Directional tactiles should be included on all 8 crossing arms
-         Zebra approach diamonds
We have had a conversation with Winston regarding the potential to refine the design and he
would like to follow this up on his return form leave in February. Richard Batty has an initial
mark-up (CAD file) that we can share with Beca for their review and iteration.
Claire Covacich | Principal Specialist - Walking & Cycling
Design Office |Integrated Networks Division
Level 5, 20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue
P 09 447 4196 | M 021 131 2644

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Subject: Feedback requested due 17 January: Church and Victoria St, Onehunga - Intersection
Upgrade [MIP1718-419]
Proposal Location: Church and Victoria St, Onehunga
Team: Road Safety
Project Lead: Winston Gee
Dear Colleagues,
We are asking for your feedback on the attached proposal. Please review the drawing/s and the
description of the proposal below, and respond to the following:
1. Does this proposal comply with standards or practices within your business area?
2. Does this proposal impact on or interact with any current or planned projects in your business
3. Do you have any additional comments to make regarding the proposal? 
Please ensure your responses are provided by the end of the day on Thursday, 17 January 2019.
What are the proposed changes?
We are proposing to improve road safety by constructing a raised platform roundabout at the
intersection of Victoria and Church Streets, in Onehunga. This would involve:
·        Installation of a raised intersection platform with ramps on all approaches and
construction of a mountable central roundabout island.
·        Kerb cutbacks and installation of traffic and pedestrian refuge islands.
·        Changes to footpaths and addition of zebra crossings.
·        Installation of broken yellow lines on Church Street resulting in removal of approximately

2 on-street parking spaces.
·        Changes to road markings, street lighting, and signage.
Why are the changes required?
The intersection of Church and Victoria Streets is identified as high risk with a number of crashes
resulting from drivers failing to appropriately give way. The proposal aims to reduce the crash
risk by slowing vehicles down, raising driver awareness, and clarifying priority at this intersection.
Installation of further pedestrian facilities will also help to improve safety and connections for
people crossing the road.
Kind regards,
Mark Stripp | Project Administrator
Customer Focus Team | Customer and Services
20 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland 1010
[email address]
+64 21 190 4045