This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Official Information request 'Otago Regional Council and OMV or their representatives'.

Our Reference: A1238149
16 May 2019
Rich Seager
Email: [FYI request #10228 email]
Dear Mr Seager,
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) Request
We refer to your information request dated 30 April 2019. A copy of your request is set 
out below:
Were  there  any  meetings  between  any  of  the  Councillors/Employees  of  the  Otago 
Regional  Council  (ORC)  with  employees  of  OMV  (formerly  Österreichische 
Mineralölverwaltung) or anyone representing the interests of OMV in April 2019.

Further to this how much notification of the cancellation of the meeting with OMV and 
the  council  originally  scheduled  for  the  29th  April  was  given  to  the  ORC  or  its 
representatives/employees and how was this cancellation notified?

Please provide all relevant correspondence.
I have been provided with the following documents in response to your request:
 14/03/2019 Email form Timothy Allan Senior Exploration Geophysicist OMV New 
Zealand Ltd to Councillor Stephen Woodhead.
 17/03/2019 Email from Councillor Stephen Woodhead to Timothy Allan, Senior 
Exploration Geophysicist, OMV.
 09/04/2019 email from DCC CE Dr Sue Bidrose to ORC’s Executive Leadership
forwarding a meeting invitation to ORC Councillors.
 26/04/2019 email from DCC CE Dr Sue Bidrose to ORC CE Sarah Gardner and 
Councillor Woodhead regarding meeting cancellation.
Copies of these documents are attached.
I am advised that the briefing with Councillor Woodhead took place on 5 April 2019.

You  have  the  right  to  seek  an  investigation  and  review  by  the  Ombudsman  of  this 
response.  Information  about  how  to  make  a  complaint  is  available  at or freephone 0800 802 602. 
If you have any queries concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
James Gribble
Administration Officer-  Legal 

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