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6 May 2019
Matt B
Email: mailto:[FYI request #10188 email]
Dear Matt,
Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) Request
We refer to your information request dated 23 April 2019. A copy of your request is set 
out below:
Numerous reports have identified a direct bus between Queenstown and Lake Hayes 
Estate/Shotover  Country  is  a necessary  service to  help  manage  traffic  congestion  on 
SH6 & 6A. It has also been widely expressed by the community and it's representatives 
how important this service is.
This service was suggested to ORC when it requested feedback before bus routes were 
implemented  and  after  the  routes  were  put  in  place.  It  is  simple  to  implement  and 
achieves  your  policy  statement  for  transport  that  promotes  and  encourages  the 
sustainable management of Otago’s transport network through: 
• Promoting the use of fuel efficient modes of transport • Encouraging a reduction in the 
use of fuels which produce emissions harmful to the environment • Promoting a safer 
transport system • Promoting the protection of transport infrastructure from the adverse 
effects of land use activities and natural hazards. 

Please identify what plans are in place to get this service running, what constraints have 
prevented  this  from  already  being  implemented  and  by  what  date  ORC  will  get  this 
service operational?

I have been informed of the following in response to your questions:
The  Otago  Regional  Council  has  heard  really  clearly  that  Lake  Hayes  Estate  and 
Shotover  Country  residents  would  like  to  be  able  to  access  Queenstown  without 
transferring  between  services  at  the  Frankton  Hub.  Our  transport  team  have  been 
investigating how we can best address this. 
In discussion with the operator, we’re working through the potential for a direct feeder 
service on this corridor during the morning and afternoon peak. The current service, with 
its  transfer  point  at  the  Frankton  Hub,  would  continue  – with  additional  services  that 

would  specifically  service  the  Lake  Hayes  Estate/Shotover  Country  – Queenstown 
corridor (instead of running to Jack’s Point). These more direct services would still run 
via  the  hub,  with  the  potential  to  pick  up  additional  passengers  there,  but  wouldn’t 
necessitate a transfer at that point. A key advantage to this approach is that it would also 
add  some needed  overall  capacity  to  this  corridor.  While  it  wouldn’t  be  an  ‘express’ 
service in that it would still service bus stops and the hub along the way, it would provide 
a  much  more  direct  connection  for  Shotover  Country/Lake  Hayes  Estate  residents  to 
Once we have a way forward, we will present a solution to council in the coming months.
You  have  the  right  to  seek  an  investigation  and  review  by  the  Ombudsman  of  this 
response.  Information  about  how  to  make  a  complaint  is  available  at or freephone 0800 802 602. 
If you have any queries concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
James Gribble
Administration Officer-  Legal 

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