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This is not the right place to request CCTV footage relating to traffic incidents. You should contact the operator of the cameras such as your local authority (e.g. Auckland Transport) or NZTA. If you were involved in the incident you should contact them directly and not through

81 requests
CCTV Footage of Accident on 9th of April 2019 at 1910 to 1920
Response by Ministry of Transport to Tiffany on .
Information not held.
Dear Tiffany On behalf of the Ministry of Transport, thank you for your email of 15 April 2019. The details of the Official Information Request you h...
Needing information about a stolen vehicle
Response by Ministry of Transport to Judena Ormsby on .
Information not held.
Judena   Good afternoon   Please see attached letter in respect to your Official Information Act request relating to CCTV footage   Regards  ...
Request for video footage of accident
Response by Ministry of Transport to Brett Cottle on .
Information not held.
Dear Brett   Please find attached the response to your request of 1 November 2017 for information under the Official Information Act 1982.   R...
Request for copy of other OIA responses about Joanne Harrison
Request to Ministry of Transport by SBG. Annotated by SBG on .
Refused because it was already publicly available. Why did it take 19 working days to tell me that? The world will never know nor long remember.
Tourist Crash Statistics From 2014 to present
Response by Ministry of Transport to Marc Bolland on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Bolland I attach the Ministry's response to your request for information made via the Ministry's website on 16 February 2016. Regards Helen...
It is a shame that you have seen fit not to provide me with the information I have requested. I am being neither frivolous or vexatious and it is cer...

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